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Reputation Management
Your reputation online is key to your marketing success

Customers today go online to find out about a company they are thinking of doing business with. 67% of consumers say they are more likely to interact with and use a local business if they can find it on a social networking site.

This statistic shows that people care about a company that is local and in interested in what its customers have to say. Online reputation management is less about dealing with the 99% of your customers that have great things to say about you, it is about the 1% that will go out of their way to post on a Facebook wall, or write a negative review about you because your service was not 100% that day.

Online reputation management is not about removing negative comments from online message boards, it is about dealing with problems as they arise and taking care of them. Everyone knows that there will always be someone to complain, and so when consumers go online to look up your company, a negative review is not the end of the world, especially if the complaint is dealt with and rectified online so that people can see that you care about every customer and you are willing to resolve it.

Fringe Local is here to help you when those problems arise and give you the advice and recommendations on how best to conduct you business online. With so many outlets online, and so many ways to take care of a problem, you need to make sure you protect your hard earned reputation with good internet savvy. We are here to help.



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