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Company Reviews
Reviews are online referrals for your business

Online reviews can help to make more sales and cement client relationships. Reviews are one of the most powerful testimonials for your business. Even Google reads and watches reviews online. Many other sites are build specifically around the idea that reviews are the best way for consumers to make an informed purchasing decision. Therefore having reviews online can be one of the most important metrics of trust and authority your business can have online.

Google places a heavy weight on the reviews it finds on each business. It collects and displays these reviews in Google Places. There are two types of reviews out there and it is important to have as many good reviews as possible, because you will never be able to please everyone all of the time. One angry customer will go out of their way to post a negative review of a company online, but a happy customer will normally not take the time to go online and write a review.

It is very important for your satisfied customers have a way to say great things about you online. As a business, you would do well to make it as easy as possible for your customers to post good reviews. Fringe Local helps you with this by encouraging your happy customers to post positive reviews about your business online. One good review can influence a person to buy from you or move on to one of your competitors.



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