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QR Codes Free
Targeted advertising for your business; from anywhere

A QR code is the perfect way to promote your business, give information to your customers and offer sales and specials. QR Codes are the new paperless way to hand out coupons and supply detailed information. With this little code, users can scan it with their smart phone and be delivered anything from a coupon to use on a future visit, to an advertisement, to contact information, or even to a high-resolution video about your company. Your QR code can direct your prospects and customers to any website destination.

QR Codes are paperless. People forget to carry coupons with them.

People forget about sales. But with QR Codes, the coupon or sale is saved on their cell phone so they never leave home without it.

Fringe Local offers FREE QR codes to all of our customers. Just let us know what you would like to do with your QR code and we will help you make it happen!



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