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1st Page Google Ranks
What good is a great website if no one ever sees it?

Top organic search engine rankings is the core of Fringe Local. Without this piece, all of the other efforts on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other Social Media do not matter. Fighting for the first few positions on Google requires time and experience. For almost every major keyword on the internet there are companies paying someone to help get them to the top and keep them there. Fringe Local has been beating the competition and pushing websites to the top positions on Google and the major search engines for years. We know all the tricks and tactics that other companies use - and Google does not like, and we know how to beat them.

As awareness of the fact that having a good website alone is not enough to be at the top of major search engiens grows, so does the number of businesses spending marketing dollars on Search Engine Optimization. Every day companies are starting new campaigns to be at the top for their keyword. This is because people are realizing the Yellow Pages is dead, and that consumers are searching online for the products and services they need. With this increased awareness comes competition.

The competition for Top Google rankings is growing but it is far from over. 8 yers ago, companies knew they needed a website, but it took many years before it was a prioirty. Today, every business, large and small, knwos they must have a website to be effective in business. SEO today is where websites were 8 years ago; business owners are starting to understadn they need it, but only a small percentage have started putting marketing dollars toward it. This leaves a huge space for business, especially small businesses, to jump in ahead and get their site well positioned for the future.

There are many companies today to say they do Search Engine Optimization. These companies come and go quickly because they use "get ranked quick" (aka "Black Hat") SEO techniques. These tactics are frowned upon and constantly punished by Google. Google can punish a website by unlisting it from a certain keyword result set, or ban the website completely from it's directory. This has never happened to a Fringe Local client!

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