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Google Places & Maps
The New Yellow Pages

When was the last time you picked up the Yellow Pages to look for a local service company? 10 years ago, everyone had at one phone book with Yellow Pages in their home. Today, people are going online to find local companies to do business with. Whether someone is looking for a plumber or a painter or a place to buy vintage clothing, people are searching Google.

Google saw this trend and has brought the yellow pages online. Google's list of businesses across the United States is more complete, more accurate, and faster than any Yellow Pages directory ever was. Google has aggregated information from every phone book and business directory available to make theirs the most complete. And now, because Google has pre-built over 52 million business listings, you can claim yours.

Fringe Local will set up your business directory listing with Google and optimize it for your business so that people searching for you will be able to find you. Google gathers information on your business from various sources, so it is important to have a well rounded SEO campaign. With Fringe Local, we optimize your business online for the 8 categories that Google uses to determine which business will show up at the top of its search results.

Once your site appears in the top of the search results on Google Places and Google Maps, visitors will be more likely to click on your website and do business with you.

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