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Target local customers and stay in touch

For business today, there are a number of ways to use Social Media to stay in touch with your customers, get feedback from them and keep them informed on what is going on with your business.

It is important to separate your personal profile from your business profile. Even if you are a solo business, or you are your own brand, that branding is important. A Facebook business page allows visitors to learn more about your business and has extended features for sharing and interacting with your business.

At Fringe Local we help you leverage the power of Social Media by getting you going with a Facebook business page. If you already have one we will optimize it and make sure people are able to find you when they are searching on Facebook. The average Facebook user spends 55 minutes per day on the social media site. This is an opportunity for any local business to spread the word about themselves to people who are captive and ready to listen and interact.

The power of Social Media means your message can spread from satisfied customers to their friends looking for a certain good or service. Because Facebook business pages are indexed by Google, your optimized business profile will show in search results. This can create a powerful combination with your website and Google Places page. For your keyword, you could potentially control 3 of the top 10 results on Google. For your visitors and customers, this reflects a high level of authority and helps lend rapport to your business before they even contact you.

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