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My Fringe Local SEO Story

For years Fringe Media has been a successful website design company doing high-end graphics and building full custom websites for our corporate clients. Two years ago we got into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and have been getting top Search Engine rankings for our large clients ever since.

So many friends of mine in the community have small businesses, and they always want to talk about SEO. They understand the power of it; of getting leads and building rapport with their prospects by being at the top of the search engines, but when they would ask me "how much does it cost to get me to the top of Google?" I would always hesitate when telling them that it will cost them $500/mo. to get there and keep them there. My friend's smile would go away because he does not have that kind of money in the budget to afford a campaign like that.

About a year ago my team and I decided to come up with an affordable SEO service for small businesses. Not just some cheap SEO voodoo that so many companies are trying to sell to small businesses these days, but something that would really work and really help my friend's businesses. (remember these are people that I have to see face to face and talk to every month at various networking and social events - these are people I would never want to let down!)

We had two goals for a new SEO service:

1. Make it affordable for any small business

2. Make it generate awesome results

The Fringe team developed software to help us take some of the horribly time consuming manual work out of SEO and streamlined the SEO process so we could to two things: 1. Cut the cost of fully managed SEO down to the sub-$100 level (Goal 1 - Achieved) and 2. Do SEO so well we that we can guarantee first page Google rankings within the first 90 days of service. (Goal 2 - Achieved).

This means that the Return on Investment for your business will be fantastic and you will in turn tell all of your small business friends about it.

If you ever have a question about Internet Marketing, SEO, Pay-per-click, websites, social media, lead generation... anything to do with your business on the internet, please call and I will be happy to take the time to answer your questions. There are people searching every day for a Company to do business with, and they are looking online. They will either call you or another business. Fringe Local can help you get those calls. Please take a minute to look at our website and see what we offer. I think you will find it valuable.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story!

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